Abriza provides home maintenance and repair services for seniors.

Seniors often lose coordination and balance leading to hip and other bone fractures. Home maintenance and repairs require the use of ladders, tools and physical coordination that may create danger for our loved ones.

Whether you are near or far, Abriza can create a home maintenance plan for your aging loved one that helps them safely stay in their home. Visit us at Abriza to learn more.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Keep your family safe, save money and time

Lisa Galllagher


At pivotal points in our lives, something changes, and suddenly everything seems overwhelming.  Our parents might have always seemed strong, but at some point nearly all of us need help.  While it isn’t always easy to accept help, being incapacitated by an injury is even more debilitating and frustrating than getting help with the more challenging things.

Keep your loved ones safe and their home in good condition with an Abriza Annual Maintenance Plan.  Think about home maintenance once and let Abriza do the rest for the year.

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Contact us for a custom maintenance plan.  Abriza can arrange for housecleaning, gardening and home repairs so that you or your loved one is completely worry free and safe in their home.

Contact us at care@abriza.com for a custom plan.


Abriza was founded in 2010 by Lisa Gallagher who found that managing a busy life with a children, extended family and a busy career was too much to handle.  She designed a service that would take the worry and hassle out of owning a home.  She believes that families can enjoy a better life if the routine household maintenance tasks are handed off to an expert professional.  Abriza makes families lives easier so they can enjoy their time together.



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