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Nearly everyone wishes to age at home as they grow older. However, as life alters many things may need to change including the family’s home. Sometimes the home you love can become too burdensome, financially and physically, for the aging older adult(s).

The selling of one’s home can often become complicated and complex, for all involved.

The family home is the place where children were raised; which represents safety and security of a family unit; the physical space where your oldest and dearest memories reside.

For seniors, it can signify the best years of their lives, where friends and community ties were formed.

Real Estate for Seniors

Changing Homes Gracefully, With Exceptional Care

Debra Soudipour, SRES

First Team/Christie’s International Real Estate

Help for Transitioning Seniors and Their Families Once the decision has been made to downsize, lots of things need to be considered; Transitioning from the home and life, one is used to, is one of the major challenges we will face as we age. For someone giving up their independence, it can be terrifying. Family members and friends are put in the position of taking over for the previously independent parent or loved one. It is difficult time for everyone involved. All of us will be in that situation one day, so being kind and more importantly, empathetic is very important in this transition..

  1. Help the senior feel that they have control.
    • Ask them to make the decisions and ask questions that can be answered with either a yes or a no.
  2. Be Patient.
    • Something that means nothing to you may be a prized possession or a memory to them.
  3. Don’t try to do everything in one session.
    • Remember a lifetime or accumulation needs some time and thought. Try to schedule one room at time or several weekend sessions.
  4. Check with your city for free trash removal.
    • Most cities will pick up large items, extra bags or trash and even furniture and appliances and it may be included in your regular trash bill. Word of caution here, once you reach the stage of being able to trash items, be careful it can be easy to throw beloved items away in error. Once this happens it can cause a setback.
  5. Big or small items that you’re not sure what to do with.
    • For the big ticket items, consider an appraisal: antiques, cars, pianos, etc. For smaller items make “Keep, Sell, Donate, and Discard” piles.
  6. Consider a storage unit or a pod.
    • When reaching the stage that you can move possessions, consider a temporary storage unit or a moveable pod which can be delivered to the home which can show progress but give comfort to your loved one that their things are not far out of reach.

Things to consider specifically for family members:

  1. Think about making a memory book with pictures of all the things they wish they could take, so that they can look back and remember rather than constantly missing their items. Or take old pictures, slides or VHS tapes and have them transferred onto CD’s with their favorite music.
  2. Something that means a great deal to a senior is to have family members (Children & Grandchildren) video the house and the yard with a narrative from their children about their life in the home. This is a gift that will be cherished and watched often.

Seniors need a great deal of hand holding and more importantly love through downsizing process. When a senior knows that something they’ve loved and cherished is also loved by a family member or a friend they are so grateful, and that is a very good thing. Bottom line; be kind, considerate, loving and most of all, be patient.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) I help seniors look at all the options available, from aging in place, to selling and buying a new home or moving to an assisted living facility. During this transition, I support seniors and their families with knowledge, kindness, compassion, respect and above all patience.

Selling a home

  • Overcoming emotional hurdles
  • Establishing a fair market value
  • Staging, showing, and marketing your home
  • Downsizing, if required
  • Negotiating the sale and closing
  • Packing and moving
  • Lining up additional resources, like cleaners, stagers, repair services, estate sale specialists, movers, and more

Buying a home

  • Choosing the right type of residence
  • Selecting the best location and community
  • Managing finances
  • Considering current and future needs
  • Making appropriate offers
  • Negotiating terms, contracts, and purchases
  • Lining up additional resources, like accountants, attorneys, inspectors, movers, and more

Assistance with home adaptations

  • Finding solutions to enable seniors to stay in their homes
  • Recommending modifications to ensure accessibility and safety
  • Connecting with aging-in-place specialists to facilitate positive, cost-effective, and safe ways to stay-in place

Debra Soudipour is a Full Service Realtor with the unique designation of Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) at First Team Estates. Debra assists all types of clients, particularly “boomers” and “matures” in the downsizing process. Moving to the next stage in life is never easy. You’ll want a Realtor who will listen attentively to your exact needs with compassion and understanding, and customize a plan to assist you and your family. Her unique approach to selling real estate involves hard work and a concentrated effort on marketing your house to sell while providing the resources you need to protect your assets for years to come.