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Helping Seniors to qualify for Medi-Cal & Veterans’ Benefits and planning in order to preserve assets.

Elder Law

Medi-Cal Asset Protection & Veterans’ Benefits

Cheryl L. Barrett

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Everyone knows that long term care is expensive and for many people obtaining Medi-Cal benefits makes sense.  However, many people do not know if they can qualify for those benefits, and the Medi-Cal rules and regulations are complicated.  Some people erroneously conclude that they cannot qualify. Other people do receive benefits but unnecessarily end up losing their assets.

Cheryl Barrett’s Elder Law practice is to explain the Medi-Cal qualification rules in plain English and help her clients plan so that they can qualify and obtain Medi-Cal benefits while preserving as many of their assets as possible in order to pass them on to their heirs.

Veterans that served in time of war and their surviving spouses and dependent children have a benefit which can help pay for long term care expenses. This is not a new program yet less than 10% of WWII vets are receiving the benefit.

Cheryl Barrett is a Certified Veterans’ Benefits Counselor who helps her clients qualify for the various types of Veterans’ Benefits such as Basic Pension, Aid & Attendance benefits, and surviving spouse benefits.

A person receiving government benefits such as SSI or Medi-Cal has severe limitations on the assets they can have and the income they can receive if they want the benefits to continue. It is possible for such an individual to establish a Special Needs Trust which will enable the person to keep the assets (such as lawsuit proceeds or inheritance) while remaining on the government benefits.

Special Needs Trusts can also be built into existing Wills and Trusts in order to provide for a beneficiary who is on government benefits and ensure that their benefits will not be ruined by the inheritance.

Ms. Barrett’s Elder Law practice is dedicated to assisting seniors obtain the financial benefits to which they are entitled while preserving the assets they have worked a lifetime to achieve.

Ms. Barrett has been engaged in estate planning and elder law for over 25 years. Recognized by the community, she has been quoted by the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, and recently Forbes. A believer in giving back, she has served on several Board of Directors including Goodwill Industries of Orange County, Planned Giving Round Table and several churches.