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We help clients, particularly family business owners, deal with the operational aspects of business succession.

In business since 1960, we specialize in helping you maintain your peace of mind while preserving your loved one’s vision for the future.

Business Succession Planning

Keeping the Dream Alive

Lorna Moreno

MAP Consulting

What should I do about my ill or aging loved one’s business?

Sometimes, due to a loved one’s illness or the aging process, we’re thrust into a business that we haven’t had much to do with over the  years, or know very little about.  Appreciating that the business is an important part of our loved one’s legacy, we need to step in to take the reins, or, at the very least, figure out what to do.

MAP, which stands for Management Action Programs, helps many  clients, particularly family business owners, deal with the operational aspects of business succession, separate the vital from the trivial,  and take appropriate, timely action.

You have your hands full caring for your loved one’s health and well‐being.  When there’s a business to care for as well, rely on the following succession checklist.  It’s all about maintaining your own peace of mind while preserving your loved one’s vision for the future.

  • Form a business succession team of vital stakeholders (include key employees, financial, HR and legal advisors, a business consultant and/or family members).
  • Gain consensus on how the succession team will move forward as per this checklist. Appoint a leader/facilitator.  Set ground rules.
  • Develop a top-level plan. Reflect on the past, analyze the present, envision the future, then set 1-5 vital goals and develop strategies around those goals.
  • Define go-forward roles. Clarify decision making authority and responsibilities for execution of the plan.
  • Identify the business’ Vital Factors™. Set targets and start tracking the top-level metrics that tell you whether or not the business is succeeding.
  • Close any information gaps. Find ways to measure what the team decides is vitally important for the business.
  • Evaluate the people in the business. Prioritizing values, attitudes and behaviors, make sure you have the right people in the right seats.
  • Carve out talent pathways to accelerate the learning curve for both new and long-term valuable employees.
  • Evaluate the business culture. Make sure accountability systems are in place to both control and grow.
  • Meet with your succession team monthly to analyze vital factors, solve problems, negotiate 30-day goals and track achievement of those goals.


Building a Future Ready Organization

  • Do you have the bench strength to fill key positions throughout your company?
  • Do you have the culture, tools and skills to bridge three distinct generations of workers?
  • Do you have a Succession Plan that delivers measureable value on a monthly basis?

Now, more than ever, succession planning should be part of every organizations overall human capital plan.  The development and retention of productive and dependable employees manifest in accelerated growth and higher profits.  MAP Consulting will equip you with proven methodologies to navigate generational differences, bridge competency gaps left by retiring employees and affect culture shifts that build your brand and organizational legacy.

Here’s what Bob Burgess, President of Rossmar & Graham had to say about MAP:

“I wanted to give you some feedback on my experience with MAP.  As you know, I attended the three-day workshop in November and participated in the follow-up workshop earlier this month.

My reasons for participating in the MAP program were several.  I was primarily interested in determining if I was currently using appropriate techniques to manage my company which would ensure a seamless succession when I retire in the next few years.  Not only did I accomplish this goal, I came away with a greater awareness of how to effectively deal with coaching, planning, accountabilities, and problem-solving methods that could be used throughout my entire company.  It has only been a few months since I attended the workshop.  So far the benefits have been all I could have ever hoped for, however I believe the real benefits will be realized over time.  As you know, I am a bit of an “old dog” and somewhat set in my ways but now I believe, contrary to the adage, “old dogs CAN learn new tricks!”.  Your MAP program opened my eyes to areas of personal improvement that needed attention.  This has helped me tremendously.

The MAP process is very worthwhile and represents dollars well invested.  Thank you for convincing me I should attend.”

Lorna Moreno brings over 25 years of experience driving both B2B and B2C initiatives while serving in consulting, sales and marketing leadership roles within companies of all sizes: from start-ups in the food & beverage industry to global organizations in the retail sector.

 In 2006, Lorna’s passion and desire to help others grow and succeed led to the establishment of Organized and Beyond, a Professional Organizing firm.  As a small business coach, professional organizer and efficiency expert, Lorna has a strong track record of bringing out the best in her clients and developing individuals and teams to their highest potential. With her wide range of experience and innate ability to identify inefficiencies, Lorna effectively leads clients to maximize productivity, increase profitability and ultimately experience greater balance personally and professionally.

Her passions include standup paddle, kayaking, and exploring Europe whenever possible. Lorna serves as VP for her sons High School Boys Soccer Board and is a volunteer speaker for End Distracted Driving. is dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals and communities to take action to end distracted driving. Our mission is to preserve life and safety and create change on a large scale through advocacy, education and action. It is our hope that one day no family will suffer the loss of a loved one because of distracted driving.